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"I absolutely loved my soul astrology reading for its depth of perception, extraordinary insight and how it so accurately described exactly what I am currently experiencing, as well as my overall personality, soul character and past. The guidance Christina offered was perfect. Honour yourself and give yourself this gift for your soul development. "

Helen Cameron
August 2019

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Astrology is a life-long journey of exploration of the great mysteries of the cosmos and a depth of self understanding. When it becomes part of your everyday life, you take small steps toward mastery.

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Hello, I'm astrologer Christina Caudill and I specialize in the astrology of the soul's evolution. Life is more than just a series of events happening to us, awaiting our reaction. The cosmos invites us to explore, grow and evolve. Astrology is a wonderful tool for an expanded awareness of what is possible, how can we help but be in awe of this sacred art? I'm deeply grateful for your generous support and look forward to welcoming you into the circle of Radiant Astrology Members and cosmic explorers.

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